Volkswagen Hover Car for the Common Man is an Out of the World Concept [Video]

May 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Volkswagen has set out to seek an answer for a question that has been troubling it for long. The question is this: How to make a basic affordable hover car?

They put it up as a challenge before the Chinese public as part of their People’s Car Project launched last year. After all, Volkswagen means ‘people’s car’ though most of their vehicles are not affordable to common man.

During the People’s Car Project, the Chinese residents submitted their ideas about how the future car should look like. By the end of the deadline, the car maker got some 119,000 ideas from which they zeroed in on three concepts. One of them is an amazing Hover Car.

As the name suggests, the car does not touch surface, but hovers over the road just like a helicopter. To make it possible, the car should be operated over electromagnetic road networks – a future development for the traditional road networks.

Stanford university researchers are already working on a similar electric highway project which would allow controlling vehicles autonomously and continuously so as to avoid traffic congestion and accidental collisions.

The Hover Car, when operated through such road networks, can detect the distance between adjacent vehicles and avoid collisions if they come closer.

The Hover Car is real future vehicle, in many aspects. It has zero emissions and has a very small foot print that helps reduce parking space issues and traffic jams.

They have just made a concept video of how the car will move through the jam packed roads of China. However, the question remains how this concept car can be produced in a way that makes it affordable to the common man.

[Editor’s comment: When the Volkswagen ‘Bugs” first became available in the United States it seemed like everyone could afford one.  If anyone is up to the task of making the Hover car affordable, it is probably Volkswagen.]

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