Amazon Color E-Readers in the Works; 6 Million to be Shipped This Year

May 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For people like me, it is hard to get through a day without reading at least a bit. But sometimes you just can’t carry your book everywhere, particularly if it’s 4 inches thick.

And, when gadgets like smartphones, tablets and e-book readers are available, it would just be stupid to carry a book with you. A lot of people these days use e-book readers for their leisure.

Companies like Nook are constantly improving their e-reader features, and that makes this sector is evolving by leaps and bounds. E- readers nowadays are touch-sensitive and have E-ink displays which make the contents easier to read .

Adding to all that charm, Amazon is now planning to launch their e-reader with color display and multi-touch capacitive touch panels. Wow, that would make the devices better than the usual infrared panels found in a lot of e-book readers.

Sources say there is a chance of Amazon adopting color EPD products. The company has said that color EPD products will be unveiled by E Ink Holdings.

There are a couple of rumors flying around that say Amazon has ordered touch panels from TPK Holdings for Amazon’s color e-book readers. Speculations are also that in 2012, six million e-book readers will be shipped. That’s a good number, right?

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