AT&T Blames Google for Delayed Updates; Search God Retorts

May 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In an interesting blame game that happened recently, we heard the US network carrier giant AT&T publicly blaming search behemoth Google for delayed updates for Android devices on AT&T networks.

However, the search giant has denied the allegations and put the responsibility back on the shoulder of the network.

When AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was queried on the reasons for delayed updates for Android devices on AT&T network by an audience member during a recent panel discussion, Stephenson put the blame on Google.

According to him, it is the search giant who decides the schedule of the updates to different devices on different networks. He also said it is part of a negotiated arrangement.

The AT&T top boss said the company knows getting newest updates without delay is a very important thing for the customer and so AT&T is working hard to make the update reach the customers in time.

However, Google retorted by completely denying what Stephenson said. The search giant says they have no clue about the negotiated agreement Stephenson mentioned.

According to Google, they have made the latest release of Android available as open source as soon as the first device based on it has launched.

“This way, we know the software runs error-free on hardware that has been accepted and approved by manufacturers, operators, and regulatory agencies such as the FCC. We then release it to the world,” said Google.

If Google is the reason for delay on Android updates, what about the delayed Windows Phone updates for devices on AT&T?

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