T-Mobile to Turn iPhone Compatible HSPA+ Network Later This Year

May 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

T-Mobile has just announced that the network is going to fill out two of the major gaps in their competition with other major carriers in the US. They are going to be iPhone compatible later this year, and secondly they have put Nokia-Siemens for the roll out of their 4G network.

However, the first development is usual and does not bring imminent benefits or advantages to the carrier as it is not selling iPhones on its network.

However, the second development to hire Nokia-Siemens to implement their $4 billion 4G network will be pivotal in the very near future since it helps them enter the 4G competition with some upper hand.


Nokia-Siemens is a name in the trade since with valuable expertise and experience in rolling out 4G networks, especially by working with Verizon.

T-Mobile will use the spectrum they have secured from AT&T following a breaking up of a merger attempt by the giant.

So according to the 4G plans of the T-Mobile, it can  cover almost 75 percent of their top 25 markets by combining the 4G spectrum it got from AT&T with the spectrum in hand.

However, the network will be still short of enough spectrum for 4G network roll out. So they plan to focus more on the HSPA+ technology to fill that gap.

As part of the plan, T-Mobile is going to upgrade their present network to HSPA+ by using the 1900 MHz spectrum. There is an added advantage since the 1900 MHz spectrum can support an unlocked iPhone.

Currently, many customers on T-Mobile network is facing speed issues due to spectrum conflict when they use an unlocked iPhone on the network . This will not happen after the HSPA+ upgrade.

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