Apple Mulls Over Haptic Touch Displays in Future Devices; Patent Filing Reveals

May 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If Samsung’s favorite pastime is to file new trademark and brand name applications with the authorities, rival Apple is crazy about filing patent applications.

Looks like there is no dearth of new ideas with Apple’s intellectual pool, going by the rate at which the iGiant is filing patent applications.

The latest one in the series of patent filings by Apple shows the possibility of the company using haptic technology on iOS touch devices. Haptic technology is special since it makes the present touch experience on touch screen devices different, with its ability to make users feel buttons on a touch screen.

The technology makes it possible by providing local feedback to the user when he or she touches on a touch surface.

Apple filed a patent application in late March which showed that the company plans to use piezoelectric actuators with the touch displays to provide the touch feel.

However, a newly unearthed patent application shows that it is planning to make devices with flexible displays with layers of the display capable of raising themselves up when a button is being used.

This is made possible by multitier haptic system which will give smoother experience to users, especially visually impaired ones.

But according to Apple’s application, the displays will be capable of bending to create multilevel topographical maps or features like control pad for gaming or navigation with the help of a tired haptic system.

The system, according to Apple, will be capable of determining the pressure or force of a touch command which enables them to handle specific tasks based on the nature of the stimuli.

Now tell us Apple fans, will you be excited if Apple rolls out a haptic iPad next time?

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