Canon 5D Mk III Light Leak Issue Fixed; Thanks to the Black Tapes

May 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Canon was more than embarrassed when there was a light leak issue reported with one of their high end cameras – the Canon 5D Mk III when it hit the markets.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Canon showed pro-activeness in acknowledging the fault with its device and halted the shipments and promised a solution to fix it in a time-bound manner.

They indeed kept their word. They have recently run out the first shipments of the 5D Mk III with the light leak fix.

But curiosity has no limits when it is with human beings. So a shutter bug who was enthusiastic on the dismantling front was not able to keep himself from peeking into the device to see what fixes Canon has made.

Well, what he found was interesting. Without going for a massive overhaul of the existing design, Canon simply covered the whole circuit boards inside the 5D Mk III with an extremely black tape. They have also pasted another piece of the same black colored tape over the top LCD light.

Though it may seem like a make shift solution, the tweak worked well, at least as per the experts who have tested the cam after the shipment f the fixed units reached their hands.

They switched on the camera with its outer shell removed in a dark room and found no more light leak issue with the device.

No matter what you think about tapes, we feel that Canon did a good job, since an overhauled design would have been a time lagging solution as well as expensive one. Thanks for black tapes.

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