Microsoft Woodstock Cross Platform Music Service Rumored for Reveal at E3

April 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have told you Microsoft is planning big for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. To grab the limelight in the pilgrim event of gamers all over the world, the software developer giant has snatched the first slot of the E3 press conferences aka the high octane media events that take place prior to the much awaited expo.

We have made a round with our usual Microsoft sources to get a hint or two on what Microsoft will be unveiling in front of the world at the platforms of the E3 event.

Though we haven’t got any clear clue on their game related plans, there is strong hints that points to the chance of a Zune replacement to come out roaring in the E3 event from Microsoft’ stables.

The sources close to Microsoft say that the giant will be unveiling their new music service code named ‘Woodstock’ [Ed: a nod to the 60’s Woodstock Music Festival].

It seems that service tends to be cross platform in its nature and may hit even Android devices through an in-browser music player.

The new Woodstock will be real fun with its deep integration with Facebook and ability to work without the help of a browser plug-in.

However, don’t think that you can right away start enjoying the music offer from Woodstock soon after the E3 arrival, since it will give just a sneak peak at the event and will not come to the public until the Windows 8 or the Windows Phone 8 comes out, possibly by fall.

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