HP Envy 15 On-Screen Display Utility to Solve Display Color Issues

April 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HP was having some issues with one of its laptop models Envy 15. There were wide spread complaints among the users about the IPS display of the device not standing up to the mark when it came to colour reproduction and calibration.

Most often, users complained that the red colors were more orange when compared to other displays and purples were showing some inclination to the bluish tones.

When complaints heaped up, HP tried to save face saying that the display panels of the Envy 15 are actually elite and that is the reason why the colours are looking odd when compared to that on other screens.

However, they have also promised to roll out an on-screen display utility to solve the problems. Now they have kept their word, in fact, half of their word.

Keeping half of their promise, HP has released an on-screen display utility software which help users adjust the display of the Envy devices for better color display. But whether it solves the existing issue is altogether another question.

Though it is soothing that HP is attending to the issues faced by its customers, initial reactions from tipsters suggest that the utility does not actually solve the problem. Those who got a chance to try out the utility complain that it is nothing but just a gamma adjustment and RGB sliders.

But that is not enough reason for us to believe that the utility is not up to the mark. While we test it ourselves, we urge the readers who own the Envy 15 to head to HP to get the utility and let us know what difference it makes to the display of your device.

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