AV Installations Becoming a Habit in Showrooms & Customer Minds

April 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Audio visual installations at corporate showrooms have lately turned into a fad. Companies are increasingly going towards a look and feel that accentuates their purpose and direction in order to build customers’ confidence.

Step into any of the technology savvy showroom in your neighborhood and chances are that you get to see video walls that create the maximum visual impact for anyone who walks in.  You get to see LED screens made at companies such as Samsung and the like proclaiming the arrival of some awesome technology to dedicated showroom lounges.

The most significant aspect about some of the LED screens we see, like the ones made by Sammy, is that they absorb external light and reflection and make viewing a pleasure.

AV installations can come in different formats and most of them abide by the rule that they need to be so charming. This because they find their presence in showrooms that are meant to see hundreds of foot falls each day.

Many companies who go for an AV installation, insist on charmers of the top order. The more slim an LED screen is, the better.  Further, as they stay illuminated all the time, priority is accorded to cut in energy use too.

Showrooms of companies like Nike opt for awesome multimedia product messages to be churned out by way of AV installations. Audio is as important as the visual impact and so many opt for high end stuff when they invest in such set ups. Speakers like JBL and the like are most sought after for their sonic performance, as the listeners would be the customers who walk around the show area all the time.

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