Samsung Galaxy S3 Media Event on May 3; It Is Teaser Time Now

April 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

May 3rd will be a big day for sheep herd. That is what the latest teaser ad from Samsung points to.

The company has stared unleashing complex and interesting teasers about its upcoming Galaxy next gen device and now, we have the job of interpreting these cryptic teasers to dig out something about the device.

The latest of the teaser which runs as a below one minute video shows a lot of PR blah blah and some massive graphic effects before ending with … a group of sheep. What does that mean?

Is it that all the foolish herd of sheep that flock to an Apple Store? Is Samsung trying to enlighten them that the next big thing is coming out in the shape of Galaxy S3? We don’t know, but that was Samsung’s line of thought earlier.

The company ran another teaser attempt in the shape of a website with a timer running down which ended today morning without giving away much valuable information on the upcoming device.

However, we hope we will get enough info when the much awaited media event takes place on May 3.

Summing up leaks and rumors so far, it is heard that S3 will come with a 4.6 inch (or 0.1 inch more) wider Super AMOLED display and hitherto unheard ergonomics .

Well, after going through all these teasers and rumors, we hope for only one thing – the actual Galaxy S III will live up to the expectations and hype that is surrounding it and will actually stand out from the crowd as Samsung claims.

Any sheep out there?

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