T- Mobile Girl is No More a Nice Girl; Carrier Mulls Over Rebranding [Video]

April 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

T-Mobile is trying to go for a rebranding and an entirely different brand image in the coming months. If you ever loved looking at the network carrier’s model Carly Foulkes in her sweet pink dress, projecting the company’s ‘the girl in the pink network’  image, you are going to miss the pinkish feel  in immediate future. This is because the network is planning to make some noise in the market before the end of the year.

A new teaser video posted on YouTube gives us hints about the change in the carrier’s brand association.

Carly has opted for leather in place of her wholesome pink dress, may be to get a ‘good girl going bad’ image. The teaser shows the model readying up in black leather and later approaching a Ducati parked in the garage. The tag line for the new promotion in the full ad says ‘No more Mr. Nice Girl”.

The change is part of the network’s attempt to stand out of the crowd and to lure a set of customers who were not yet attracted towards the plans and devices on the network. As part of it, the network will soon start aggressive promotion by investing some $200 million to their advertising spending.

As per T-Mobile sources, HTC One S will be a major device whom T-Mobile will project, in a bid to attract iPhone folks, who want to try a change.

However, the network is finding it hard to go forward with the iPhone on its network offers, even when smaller networks around the country are getting the hot cakes this month.

Moreover, T-Mobile does not have their 4G plans in the books before next year. Though their HSPA+ is not sluggishly slower, not having a 4G network is something that puts down the market potential of the network.

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