Samsung Galaxy Nexus Starts Shipping on Sprint from April 22nd; Carrier Banks on Device

April 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As a network, Sprint has a lot of issues to face now. They have poor 3G speeds in many locations, and are going through a WiMax to LTE switch over for their weak 4G network.

The switching will take some more time to prove its actual effect on the carrier. On top of all these, they don’t have enough exclusive or attractive devices in their shelves to lure more people to the network.

But things may change for the network, since information from Sprint sources suggest that the carrier may start shipping the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from April 22nd onwards.

The rig is undoubtedly one of the best Android devices to come out till date, but it is yet to see, if the launch will help the struggling network anyway.

The launch comes very late for Sprint and so for the customers in the US. The rig has launched in other markets very earlier and has hit the US market with a Verizon launch in mid-December last year. That takes away the novelty and exclusive tags from the rig when it comes to Sprint.

Moreover, the shipping will start at a point when Sprint’s LTE network is still days behind going fully live.

Verizon has already running its LTE network with the same device on it for some considerable time now.

So we don’t find enough reason to believe that the Galaxy Nexus will help Sprint overcome its sluggishness at the market, despite being an excellent Smartphone. But it is up to Android lovers to decide.

Anybody among our readers planning to garb the rig on Sprint once it starts shipping this month? If so, let us know what makes you to pre-order it on Sprint.

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