LG Flexible Plastic E-Ink Reader is Lighter, Thinner and Almost Unbreakable

April 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

E-ink readers almost replicate the reading experience on a hard bound black and white book.

But if you belong to the tribe who folds books and stuffs them in pockets, you may not be able to get that feel with your e-ink reader. Moreover, if any unintentional pressure bends the reader, you find yourself with a pocket full of cracked pieces of plastic, glass and circuitry.

Well, to revolutionize the e-ink displays, LG has started manufacturing world’s first of its-kind e-ink displays that are flexible and thus makes a stark contrast to the existing rigid displays.

It can be bent even to 40 degrees angle from the mid-point. Though the manufacturing process is still LG’s secret, news in the wind says that it exploits existing TFT process to embed electrophoretic ink capsules on a plastic substrate.

It makes the new display is actually plastic unlike the crackable glass displays in popular e-ink readers like Amazon Kindle. It gives you two advantages, first one being uncrackable and the second being lighter than the glassy counterparts.

They weigh just 14 grams and are 30 percent thinner than the glass displays. Since it has survived falls from heights up to 1.5 meters and hitting by small hammer, it is not lodged in chunky protective body, like the glass e-ink readers.

Offering 1024 x 768 resolution, and six inches along the diagonal, the new e-ink screen  from LG is a bit smaller than the screens of Nook and Fire.

It makes the form factor is little unfamiliar, falling between 5 inch wide smartphones and 7 inch wide Android slates.

Now, bend it like Beckham.

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