Apple iPhone Flood Coming to Smaller Networks in the US on April 20th, Luring Prices Await You

April 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Apple iPhone 4S and other rigs from the same family will not be the exclusive pride of the major carriers in the US anymore.

This month will witness the elite iPhones hitting even smaller carriers in the US for subsidized prices, which will be much lower than what is now offered by major US network carriers.

Virginia based nTelos Wireless, a CDMA network carrier who operates mainly around Waynesboro has made it clear that they will start carrying both iPhone 4S and iPhone4 from April 20th onwards.

The carrier is putting the price at $50 bucks down from what is demanded by the major networks in the country who have these same devices on their network.

However, the iPhone roll out is much broader since many smaller networks are joining nTelos Wireless on April 20th. Alaska Communications (Alaska), Appalachian Wireless (Kentucky), GCI (Alaska), Cellcom (Wisconsin), Matanuska Telephone Association (Alaska) are the smaller carriers who are joining the iPhone roll out party on April 20th.

Among these, GCI has announced that they will be offering GSM versions of all iPhone models including the iPhone 3GS, it will come free of charge if you opt to pick it up for a two year contract. GCI has both GSM and CDMA network unlike other smaller networks which are in the party who are all CDMA names.

The broad roll out will help the smaller network carriers to stand the toughening competition raised by the major network carriers like Verizon and AT&T who are almost monopolizing the telecommunication sector in the country.

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