AT&T Apple iPhone Unlocking Plan Out, Unlock an Out-of-Contract iPhone in 72 hours Max

April 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Information from certain tech news sources closer enough to know the insider stories of the iGiant and major network carriers have recently enlightened us on how easy it for AT&T users to unlock an iPhone.

According to emerging information on AT&T’s iPhone unlocking plans, customers need to call and talk with AT&T agents, tell them if you are done with the contract period or just want to exit it by making payment.

In both cases, you just give the IMEI number of the device, you are done.

The game is different and often delayed in other turfs like in Canada where the Cupertino giant is directly handling the unlocking process. This process needs users to back up and restore in iTunes.

However, the time taken for the unlocking seems to differ from user to user. While certain customers have expressed pleasure that they have got the things done in minutes, some other customers have waited four to six days for it.

The unlock will be very useful in a time when T-Mobile is redrawing its spectrum. The remapping is done in such a way that it will allow iPhones to run on 3G network.

However, to avoid misusing the unlocking facility, customers are allowed to do so only five times a year. Obviously, if you bought any GSM iPhone contract free, you need not unlock it, since it is already unlocked.

Anybody tried unlocking an iPhone on AT&T? How long did they make you wait? Let us know here.

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