Sprint Galaxy Nexus Training Manual Leaked, Launch Likely in a Few Weeks

April 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Galaxy Nexus hitting Sprint came out as a rumor first, when one of the ads slipped through the fingers of the carrier in January. It became unofficially public again, with a spotting at the FCC.

However, after that, there was silence from Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus affair. No leaks, no rumors. But, now we have a peg.

Now it is the training manual for the Sprint employees that made it into the headlines, confirming the launch of the first 4G LTE phone on Sprint in a matter of three to six weeks. The leak indicates that the carrier has started employee training program ahead of an imminent launch of the 4G phone on their network.

Though the official launch date is yet unknown, the employee training mainly concentrates on making the employees understand the niceties of both the Galaxy Nexus and the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on which it runs.

The training also aims at enlightening the staff about the new mobile wallet service from Google, the Google Wallet, since Galaxy Nexus device is NFC enabled.

The manual also mentions an unannounced LTE device called LG Fury, which could be the next 4G smartphone to hit Sprint.

Now emerging information from Sprint circles suggest that the roll out will even happen before Sprint completes the work on their 4G network.

The training manual and related information hint that the network carrier may ship the first units with their 4G LTE radios switched off, which the company will turn on at a later stage. Late April or early May would be a safe bet.

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