Apple iPhone Owners Use Wi-Fi Feature More than their Android Counterparts

April 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Is there any nexus between juicy fruits and wireless networks? Though we did not find a reason to believe so, a recent study shows that people who use Apple’s iPhone are frequently using the Wi-Fi feature on their gadgets, than their Android counter parts.

The research carried out to understand the trends in using mobile and Wi-Fi internet connections on smartphones found that a higher number of iPhones is connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi networks than Android devices in the US and the UK.

The data collected by the study show that 87 percent of all unique iPhone owners in Blighty go online using mobile and Wi-Fi networks. The rate was limited to 57 percent with the Android users.

The pattern was similar in the US too, where 71 percent of iPhone users went browsing internet with mobile and Wi-Fi networks during the period of the study. The presence of Android mobile phones users were down at just 32 percent.

Though Comscore, the firm which conducted the study, did not establish any cause effect relationship for the phenomenon, they think that a combination of platform specific factors contribute to the phenomenon.

Some experts suggest that the default setting with the iPhone, which always asks the user to join networks makes iPhone users to connect to Wi-Fi with ease.

However, Comscore VP of Telecoms, Jeremy Copp, thinks that the difference is mainly due to users opting to connect to Wi-Fi networks for downloading large apps and for using iCloud and Facetime since iPhone’s limited download functionality. However, Android users do not have such restraints.

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