T-Mobile Notification Bar Error Fixed, Carrier Apologizes to Customers

April 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are a T-Mobile customer, you would have come across this. The T-Mobile My Account Android app with its irritating unwanted notifications has finally been tames down. It seems the problem has been completely resolved, as of late.

The app will no longer push such notifications, and T-Mobile has apologized for the trouble it has been bringing to its customers.

Soon after the carrier started to notify certain unwanted updates on the notification bar, lots of customers started reporting it to the company through suggestion pages and forums. The error really rocked the team, and they came up with an apology, asserting that such won’t happen again on their domain anymore.

The apology letter indicates that it wasn’t an error, but a bug that crept in during a recent software update. A message to promote T-Mobile’s free VIP Zone sneaked in with the update mistakenly.

The message was sent to certain customers and it even appeared on the notification bar on some Android devices.

Soon after T-Mobile was made aware of this mistake, the company stopped the notifications. A letter from the carrier made it clear that T-Mobile has apologized  for the inconvenience this may have caused customers.

For sure, the action by T-Mobile deserves appreciation, and it will definitely push the demand for the carrier further among people.

Notifications are nothing new on present day apps. They are a good means to get people know what is new at the store.

But then, we feel notifications should be streamed only to those who really want them. T-Mobile has shown maturity here, and set an example to everyone to follow. What is your take on this?

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