New broadband bonding appliance announced by Mushroom Networks

March 30, 2012, By Daniel Rapcencu

Mushroom Networks announced a new product.  Its line of Truffle broadband bonding products just received another Truffle: the Truffle with a new enhanced QOS (Quality Of Service).

Don’t look for this product at your favorite Radio Shack or Fry’s Electronics store.  This device has a target audience of businesses, government agencies and data centers.

The Truffle allows you to bond together multiple high-speed data connections including any mixture of cable, DSL, fiber, T1 and even 3G/4G wireless broadband connections for the ultimate speed and reliability.  Yes, 3G/4G is slow for business purposes, but multiples work in a pinch in the event of a major cable of fiber interruption.

Where the new enhanced QOS model comes in is for priority mission-critical services such as VOIP, video and VPN connections.  You can set minimum speed requirements for various classes of traffic.

The Truffle with QOS is aware of applications using the network and uses layer 7 deep-packet inspection.  It has hundreds of application definitions that it can sense and assign those applications to a class priority with a filter that is totally under your control.

You can also use QOS filtering to block known malicious traffic or traffic that is prohibited by corporate IT policies.  Blocking of certain instant messing and other apps is possible.

Dr. Cahit Akin, the CEO of Mushroom Networks explained in a press release “Truffle provides higher throughput and enhanced reliability with the added benefit of QoS controls for optimal user experience. It optimizes traffic flows for businesses with a variety of application needs, from real-time VoIP to cloud-based SaaS applications both in inbound and outbound directions. The QoS are implemented dynamically, and intelligently utilizes unused bandwidth for lower priority traffic if the high-priority applications are not running or there is simply available bandwidth.”

As for pricing, I called up Mushroom Networks to find out the cost of one of these puppies.  I thought that would be a point of interest for our IT readers.  I talked with Seth and he transferred me directly to Dr. Akin, the CEO whom nonchalantly referred to himself as Cahit.

He explained to me that they use reps to do their primary selling and since this is a new product, the best I could get out of Cahit was “a couple of thousand dollars” for a price range.  Evidently the resellers would have conniptions if I posted a price that denied them a fair profit.

Dr. Akin was very patient with all my questions and the several hundred attempts (or so it seemed) to wrangle out a price range from him.

He did say there were a lot of options from which to choose and the Truffle with QOS was close to being a custom product.  I think of it as going to T&A’s Pizza and ordering an extra large with my particular choice of 62 toppings, double the special sauce and hold the cheese.

If you order the Performance Pack Addon, your Truffle will support 600,000 concurrent IP connections.  If you must know all the details and specifications, access the data sheet right here.

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