Google Play Glitch Makes Users’ Paid Apps Disappear

March 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has moved up Google Play to their major navigation panel with a red ‘new’ label, just days ago, giving the new app store service from the search giant a big pat on its back to become even more popular. But now it seems that the service is facing unexpected hiccups.

Though we did not come across such an issue ourselves, we have spotted more than one user posting complaint messages that they have found the Play service working abnormally.

The most embarrassing situation was that some users found their app basket empty even after purchasing some 50 apps or so through Google Play.

Google introduced Play as a one stop shop for music, books, movies, apps, and games for web and for Android device users.

But now user’s paid applications are disappearing from the list of their installed or Up To Date list of apps in Play.

Users who came across the issue are greeted with blankness or RPC error messages instead of the apps they bought for their hard earned money.

The users report that the apps are still in the purchase history of their Google Wallet but not available at their Play account.

If you think the curse is only for the guys who play with rooted devices, it is not so. Users with rooted and normal devices are both reportedly experiencing the issue.

Google hasn’t as yet responded to questions as to why the glitch has happened. But we think they will it shortly. Meanwhile, if any of you have experienced the same, please tell us what your issue with Google Play was.

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