Android Phones Delay in Hitting US Market Leaving Users Irked

March 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

New Android phones come out every now and then. Many of them are up to the mark in performance and specs. But they take too much time to get to some markets.

Look at the case of Samsung Galaxy S II. It was launched in South Korea in April last year. It took four more months before it hit the US market in September. Though issues like carrier approval and subtle feature changes could be the reasons for the delay, but major Android rivals like Apple are able to avoid it easily. So why can’t Android Smartphone makers give it a try?

Apple shoots all the birds across continents in one go. So they made North America, Europe and Australia to get hit with an iPhone 4S the same day when they launched the device.

Actually when a device gets delayed to reach a specific market, it suffers serious setback in markets there. Take Galaxy S II again. Many avoided its purchase since they were not able to wait for it to launch in the US after such a delay.

Those who counted on it became hesitant when the Galaxy Nexus announcement came closer to Galaxy S II’s launch on T-Mobile.

Though later it became clear that Galaxy Nexus will not be available on T-Mobile, many potential Galaxy S II purchasers on T-Mobile network were doubtful about going for it due to the rumors.

Often, it seems that guys out here in the US are unlucky, since many of the popular Android rigs debut in Asian markets.  We may curse the difference in the tech standards  and look for a day when Android phones hit all global markets at the same time.

Now, tell us, do you share that same dream?

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