Many US Government Officials Uploaded Their Files On MegaUpload, Says Kim Dotcom

March 14, 2012, By Alex Ion

Earlier this year, the US Department of Justice took down Megaupload because the website was hosting copyright infringing material. The company’s owner has been arrested along with his employees on money laundering charges.

Most of them, including Kim Dotcom, have been released on bail, after multiple attempts.  However, the users still haven’t received their data back.

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom says that there are millions of users who lost their personal files, work files, or other important documents in the process.

The website’s owner said that these legit users also include high-ranking officials from the US Government, and that all of them should be allowed to download their files.

Although Kim Dotcom still says that he’s not guilty of the charges, and that his website should go back online, the Department of Justice must find a way to return the users’ personal files because they don’t represent copyright infringing material. These files are “clearly not infringing,” said Dotcom.

Megaupload’s owner said that most media outlets focused on him and the charges, rather than pushing the US Government to return the personal files to their respective owners. He added that his legal team is looking for a way to “reunite the users with their data.” Over the past couple of weeks, “we’ve negotiated with the Department of Justice to allow all MegaUpload users to retrieve their data,” said Kim Dotcom.

The surprising fact was to find that a lot of US Government employees had a Megaupload account, and they lost important files. Kim Dotcom said that many US Senate and Department of Justice officials uploaded their files on Megaupload as a back-up measure, and to easily access them wherever they are.

He said that he hopes to get the permission to restore the files to the owners in the coming weeks.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation was also concerned by the matter and the so-called Megaretrieval campaign was launched. All users affected by the Megaupload takedown can send an email to as the EFF wants to identify all the people who lost important data.

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