NVIDIA Icera, New Connectivity Chip from NVIDIA, Is Getting More Fans

March 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Competition is brewing up in every corner of the gadget industry, right from rolling out platform updates to bringing out more efficient chips for the gadgets.

NVIDIA has improved its distance with its competitors well in advance when it rolled out Tegra 3, a quad-core chip which most of the major gadget manufacturers consider as a must for their upcoming Android devices.

But a new chip from NVIDIA’s stable has got only less limelight, though it has the potential to break the ground in the near future as far as other chip maker rivals in the smartphone sector like Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are concerned.

Dubbed NVIDIA Icera, the chip came out in Mimosa X smartphone from the low-profile gadget maker ZTE and was not given enough attention. What makes Icera different from Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 chips is the fact that it is a modem chip.

Tegra 2, though being the power center for many of the popular Android tablets, does not offer onboard connectivity features.

However, Icera makes a difference here with its Ice clear interference-aware technology, which claims to triple the data speeds.

Usually, Wi-Fi scanning is a power consuming business, that the juice in your battery is often drained fast than you expect. However, Icera is known for its potential to boost the battery performance too.

Presently the Icera power with its 21 Mbps downloads even at the coverage fringe areas will restrict to Mimosa X, since NVIDIA has made it clear that they will not be going for Wi-Fi integration to the core SoC until next year.

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