Now, a Speech Jammer That Can Silence Humans Within 30 ft Without Killing Them

March 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We are pretty sure that many of you have heard about and experienced mobile phone jammers, which will jam the network in certain areas so that communication through wireless networks becomes impossible.

Now, Japanese researchers have come out with a similar technology, which will function as a speech jammer for human beings.

In other words, the research claims that the device can be used to silence people who talk louder without causing any physical harm or discomfort.

The device, as per the research, has a directional microphone, a directional speaker and trigger to function smoothly. The principle behind is a phenomenon known as Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF), which is found to disrupt normal human talking.

You have experienced DAF while on Skype when your voice or words echoes on you while talking, making it difficult to proceed.

The speech jammer gun, exactly does the same. The microphone records the sound of talking and then plays it back through the directional speaker after a delay of 0.2 seconds. This will turn into a DAF for the speaker and will obstruct the talking.

The researchers claim that the gun can be most useful in public places where it is a taboo to talk. It will be useful in libraries and places which are kept under silence.

However, it was found that the gun works perfect to stop loud reading than a spontaneous monologue.

The gun has certain short comings too. It was found less effective towards meaningless sounds like boo, or ahhh.

At present, research claims that the gun can make people silent only if they are within a distance of 30 feet. But that is enough range, it seems.

Though many feel that such a speech jammer may be misused by authoritarian states and organizations to restrict free speech, its effect is not yet known apart from that in the experimental set up of the research. I wonder if this device can shut up my editor!

[Editor’s note: I will ffff ahhh stop pfffft sheesssh!]

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