Android Apps Bigger Now With the 50 MB Barrier Taken Down

March 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android knows no bounds when it comes to allowing third parties to develop apps on its platform. Though their policies reflect that attitude always, the app developers were asked to restrict the size of the app to a mere 50 MB, causing a lot of hassle to customers. Now they have taken down the barrier of 50 MB and made a whooping 4 GB.

Many of you have found it annoying to see that you have to again download a 3 GB or so file to play the 15 MB sized game app you have just installed on your device.

That too, within the 15-minute trial time running out. Apart from inconvenience, the method has also paused security risks to the user, to download it directly from the developers’ server to their device.

However, now Android has set a staggering 4 GB as the size limit for developers’ apps on Android Market, so that users can easily see the real size of the app and download them in one go.

When the user downloads the app, the whole system resources associated with the app are also automatically downloaded. The refund period starts only after the download is complete.

Moreover, Android platform has taken away more hassles for both developers and the users by hosting the associated files of the app provided they are within the 4 GB limit.

Android has also set out guidelines to developers to make the whole package into two chunks, with which the first one remains without change and the second one which is smaller in size will carry patches which will help the app to take periodical updates.

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