The Bump is Back

February 18, 2012, By George Lang

The Bump is back; only this time, sexy new smartphones are doing the dance instead of booty-shakers. Users of iOS and Android mobile devices are being treated to a new phenomenon, created by a tiny business in California called Bump Technologies, Inc. The company employs thirty techies whose passion it is to make life easy for the millions of smartphone users who wish to exchange information.

Imagine you are in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Held in January each year. The networking amongst colleagues is fast and furious. Instead of having to put down everything you are carrying, pull out your pen and paper, and jot down phone numbers, email addresses, or exchange business cards, you simply “bump” your phone up against the other person’s phone and voila – you have both just shared your contact info!

"Bumping" Money from One Phone to Another with PayPal

The service has been around for a couple years, but the next iteration has some surprises to offer. Users will be able to exchange photos and share personal interests like that being share on social media sites. Money transfer between phones is also enabled thanks to Bump’s partnership with PayPal. Unfortunately, the service is currently unavailable to Blackberry and Windows Phone users.

The intricate dance is manifested by using Cloud software and storage combined with motion-sensing-hardware and GPS features built into today’s mobile devices. When two people touch their phones together, the system recognizes that action as a desire to exchange and automatically sends data to the cloud and then back down to the other device. This saves the user from having to walk through the standard technical steps that prove so confusing to many smartphone owners.

In the following video, Bump CEO, David Lieb, explains the value and the mechanics behind the tricky fun. Thank you, to our great friend Robert Scoble for the enlightening video.

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