Windows 8 Tablets May Turn Out to be Effective iPad Competitors; Android has Bleak Chances

February 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple is an unquestioned king when it comes to tablet markets. No other manufacturers were able to dent iPad’s market share, especially at a time when tablet segment was having exponential growth.

However, now with Microsoft readying the release of Windows 8, one of their  multi-pronged weapons targeting tablet and desktop markets, we feel revolution is clamoring in the horizons.

What made Apple a successful tablet maker? The hype about the name? Not at all! Well, we may say that the quality of the services they offer and the faster performance of the iPad are major reasons, let alone the comforts which are beyond words, which you experience while using your iPad.

Though Android was a potent rival, it was not able to take iPad over in the tablet market. Ironically, the only Android tablet that offers some competition for iPad is not from a major hardware name.

It’s the Kindle Fire tab from Amazon. It shows how Android has turned out to be a worn out weapon as far as competition in the tablet market is concerned.

Apple is very much focused on bringing up quality experience to the user, be it with the products or with the customer service. Updates are timed and all-encompassing when compared to the fragmented approach taken up by Android.

However, the upcoming Windows 8, in all possibilities, may yield potential hardware manufacturers a worthy platform to churn out devices to fight iPad. After all, the most attractive feature of a fully equipped Office 15 that is included in the Windows 8 will revolutionize the status of tablet devices to a fully fledged portable device for any one on the go.

Moreover, Microsoft is a veteran who knows how to run their products delivering utmost results to the user, across devices.

Well, we feel Windows 8 machines, will have the potential to challenge and overthrow the hegemonic dominance of iPad in the tablet market. But two things may change it. One – Microsoft going to put a staggering price tag for the devices, or Apple coming out with something revolutionary on its imminent iPad 3 (or something else?)  launch. But both these are very unlikely to happen. Revolution is the only weapon to prevent a revolution, but two of them never happen together.

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