Sony Spending $50 Million On PS Vita Marketing

February 13, 2012, By Christian Davis

Sony is ready to make a huge commitment to their newly released handheld, the Playstation Vita. The new handheld has been held in high regard since it’s announcement, boasting graphics that you can compare to your home consoles and a mobile experience like no other.

Speaking to the New York Times, SCEA Director of hardware marketing John Keller let everyone know that Sony plans on spending $50 million marketing the Vita.  The term “Never Stop Playing” will be the latest motto we see on many of the advertisements from here on out.

Keller states that this will be “the largest platform launch in terms of marketing investment we’ve ever had.” I’m sure a healthy portion of that has gone to the Taco Bell partnership that Sony recently acquired for the Vita through the “Unlock the Box” promotion.

$50 million is a huge backing for this and you can expect to see billboards, commercials (hopefully good ones), and more promotions like the aforementioned Taco Bell partnership.

The PS Vita will launch everywhere February 22nd in the US for $249.99 (Wi-Fi version) and this week for the 3G version which will run for $299.99.

Any one out there planning on picking up the PS Vita when it launches? Let us know in the comments below.


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