At Long Last, A Unified WordPress Dashboard

February 13, 2012, By Alex Badinici

For years, owners of multiple WordPress blogs have adored the flexibility of the platform but cursed the need to sign in and out for every one of their sites.

Among those frustrated with the lack of a unified dashboard was Vladimir Prelovac, an internationally recognized expert on the open source platform. Not one to sit idly by and just complain, two years ago Prelovac set out to do something about it.

Over the past year and a half, an ever-growing number of bloggers have been involved in the beta of ManageWP, which came out of beta last month with more than 100,000 sites plugged into the console.

Take, for example, when WordPress or any of its themes or plugins update. If you run or own even two or three WordPress blogs, you have to go into each one to manage the updates on each. With ManageWP, you can update all themes, plugins and WordPress itself with the click of just a button or two. Free accounts allow the management of three sites from the dashboard.

Posts, users and updates can be handled on multiple blogs through one login, saving time and energy. It’s a wonder that WordPress never made this available itself. That is the beauty, of course, of open source: Talented users can solve problems not addressed by the platform’s creators.

And let’s face it – though you could manage multiple blogs from a single login on Blogger or Tumblr, for most businesses, WordPress is the professional option. Tumblr’s great for publishers and fashionistas looking for a visually rich platform where it’s easy to share quick content. Blogger’s fine for personal sites, but has such limited design options that it’s never been a serious contender for professional blogs and websites.

Moveable Type, Typepad and others out there serve as the platform for professional sites, but WordPress has pretty much locked it down as the professional, simple-to-use go-to platform.

A unified dashboard just means WordPress is going to stay in the lead.


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