Apple iPad 3 Hype: iPad 3 or iPad 2 Something – is the Question

February 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is a lot of hype going around about the next iPad launch that is expected to happen anywhere within next two months. Let us ask you innocently, what is it all about?

After all, how can we say that the next big thing from Apple to the tablet market will be iPad 3? What did they do when everybody was singing ‘iPhone 5 will come out soon…” last year? They came out with iPhone 4S. Will the scenario repeat itself? Will they come out with the same device with some alphabet attached to it?

Or if we put the question a little different, what will make the new tab from Apple something to drool about? Do you think a sweet feminine voice that comes back to you with some good answers and sometimes plain nonsense is the only thing you would like to have as a ground breaker feature on the next big device from Apple?

Well, Siri is interesting, but that is not a ground breaker. Such apps were around for a time and it do put you down often.

To be more frank, we don’t think a better display, better camera, better processor and a voice searcher alone will make people find the next iPad attractive enough. Everything except the last is just usual with a new launch, right?

Obviously, the machine will bring things that always come with the name – Apple – a perfect performance and perfect customer care. But will that be enough?

Consider the scenario, that Windows 8 is coming out with a stunning UI and features like a fully fledged Office 15 applications that will put the whole MS Office to the otherwise lousy tablet platform. Anything of that sort from Apple?

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