Sony PS Vita Gets a Firmware Update in Japan

February 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We very well know that many of the crazy gamers among our readers are anxiously waiting for the Sony PS Vita to debut in the US market. Since the launch is as close as February 22nd, we feel it is the apt time to tell you about the details of a new firmware update that hit the device in Japan.

The firmware update has given a bunch of noteworthy features to the PS Vita. It can now shoot MP4 video at 1.5 Mbps with a resolution of 640 x 480. The update also offers 128Kbps AAC audio recording support. Though it does not give the HD quality, MP4 being a quality video format and the high performance of the Sony camera sensors will jointly provide a high quality result.

The update also provides a new Content Manager Assistant app for Vita. It will help the user to run a system update and transfer and back up data between Vita and a computer.

Dubbed 1.60, the update also brings in Map Mode which is very comprehensive since it allows users to search for phone numbers and other details like addresses around a point on the map. It also allows users to share their geographical location with other friends through group messaging.

The update has brought in peculiar blinking lights to Vita. These lights point to the power status of the device through different colors. When the device is plugged in, it displays a constant blue light and it starts blinking faster if the device is in standby mode.

However, if the flashing blue is slower, it indicates an unread message. Solid orange light appears when the device is off and plugged in for charging. However, the flashing orange says the battery is down and will run out soon.

We think, the update will be a little different, at least with the map mode, when it hits the devices for the US market.

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