Romance of Rome Hits Android Market

February 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

All roads lead to Rome, goes the saying.  The adage has turned true with Android devices too, with Romance of Rome hitting the Android platform.

It gives Android users the unique opportunity to roam around ancient Rome, in ancient attire, while getting exposed to all the love, jeopardy, treachery and adventure that you would have experienced during that time. The game is already a hot cake with desktops.

Now it is expected to find its popularity going up exponentially with the launch in Android Market. Originally developed by Awem Studio, the mobile version of the game is brought to the Android market by HeroCraft.


The game offers a high quality experience of exploring through the streets and architecture of ancient Rome, at the same time, the added thrill of finding out hidden objects on your way. Lined up in 30 levels and 7 episodes, this hidden objects game is really interesting with its dedication to detail and quality of the graphical ambiance.

The game also allows users to customize their characters with an array of different wardrobes and attires used by the folks in the Ancient Rome. You may have the unique opportunity of visiting the coliseum, the famous baths and forums.

Romance of Rome allows players to unlock trophies and achievements as they go through the game. Each hidden object revealed by the player will help him earn money, and earn trophies.

The ultimate challenge of the game is to reveal the deepest secret and win the heart of Emperor’s daughter. The game is already a hit on iOS.

How about a visit to Rome on your Android device?

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