Fine Art Friday: Feudal Japan Star Wars

February 3, 2012, By Christian Davis

With this next installment of Fine Art Friday, we’re going to take a detour from gaming and dive into something that most gamers love, Star Wars. There’s been a lot of talk about Star Wars lately. The topic of conversation is centralizes around George Lucas not making anymore Star Wars films because  of disgruntled fans.

It’s not secret that the Star Wars trilogy was met with less than stellar reviews and his decisions to alter the originals made things even worse. They are his films though and he has the right to do whatever he wanted and has earned the right to do so.

Not too long after that announcement, some fantastic works of art came from Clinton Felker. This Star Wars art isn’t what you’d expect though. Fleker has illustrated Star Wars characters set in the Feudal Japan era.

That means we’ve got Samurai Boba Fett, Samurai Darth Vader, Storm Troopers with Bows and Arrows and several more.

Far too often do we see an awesome work of art but they’re only confined to the small screens of our computers. Clinton knows this and  is solving the problem by selling them as prints on his eBay page. They are each 19×13 come on high quality photo paper and cost an affordable $35.

Head over to Clinton’s Blog to see more of his work and if you’d like to purchase some of these prints, head over to his eBay page.

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