Microsoft Windows 8 Brings Sensor Fusion to Overturn Traditional Motion Detection on Slates

January 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is having a tough time in the market when compared to their dominance in the 90s. Well, they are trying to get back into the fortress and improve their lines with every update they bring up.

Windows 8 being the imminent, is a multi-pronged approach to conquer not only desktop spaces, but the now buzzing mobile platforms as well.
The tactic turns clear when the features of the new platform come out one by one every day.

Here is the latest pick from us. There’s a clip online that shows how Windows 8 support different motion sensors.

Though things like automatic screen orientation, which helps you switch from a portrait orientation to landscape, is pretty old, something is really going to shock you on Windows 8. They have got a 3D gyroscope integrated into your device.

But the real shocker will be the sensor fusion, a feature which will help them to be a hot cake on tablet devices. Through sensor fusion, the platform effectively removes the movement noise that comes when the user walks or breathes holding the device.

The sensor fusion has helped the platform to respond quickly and smoothly to motion commands. By fusing the data from the three sensors, Windows 8 platform helps the device to compliment and overcome the traditional weakness of these sensors in detecting accurate motion.

The sensor fusion functions by taking data from accelerometer, gyro meter and magnetometer and fuses them to understand the device orientation. The new feature will help the developers more, since the apps they develop which need more accurate data on motion can get it through sensor fusion, while others which need individual unfiltered data from the sensors can have them also.

Amazing, right?

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