Lifebook 2013 Modular PC Ropes in Laptop Tablet and MP3 Player

January 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A laptop, a smartphone and a tablet! The three of them does it all for you.

You think one cannot replace the other.  You also need to synchronize the three to make the most of the devices.

Hang on. There is a chance that you can skip the syncing process for your devices to work together.

This one is a concept put forward by designer Prashant Chandra. The Lifebook 2013 is basically a laptop shell which would use a removable tablet as a keyboard-and possibly the storage or even CPU- for the laptop.

A removable MP3 player would also work. The idea is that the module system would let your gadgets work together so that you don’t need to synchronize your data.

Well, it’s all there on one or two of your devices anyway. Ringing a bell somewhere?

May be it’s the René Woo-Ram Lee Bento PC concept, or even the Asus Padfone which is going to arrive in the market this year. Anyway, the touchscreen keyboard is not really a supercool functionality.

A keyboard is still physical at its best, right? Well, the Lifebook 2013 is just a concept for now.

Maybe it will give better user experience if and when the concept gets taken up for mass production.

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