Iran TV Hacked or Pranked, According to Anonymous Video

January 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The mouse looks to be in a hurry. Either that, or the hand holding the mouse is scared.

But it’s not the mouse itself, but what the mouse is doing in a video that’s intriguing. An anonymous person has posted a video that shows someone logging into the IRAN.TV web site.

The video shows the person copying a part of the login page and using that as the password. But what we see may not be at all what happened.

It could also be a clever ruse to distract others from the fact that someone already knows the password, or have hacked the site to discover the password. But whatever the case, it does seem as if the site has been hacked.

The video came with a text message, and it was also posted on Pastebin. The message reads like this:

“This is one of dozens sites that we have taken full control..
We want to stop this technology war before she is begin!
We have access to the TV’s server in Iran and lots of Iran’s goverment sites,
And we got more than 100 Muslims servers (Pakistanis, Iran, Arabs and Palestins).
Muslims Hackers We Are Waiting For Your First Step.”

It was uploaded by aranor104, whose identity is still unknown. And going by the grammar and spelling (unless its not some cyber lingo), the perpetrator is not so well educated (‘government’ misspelled as ‘goverment’ and “Palestinians” misspelled as “Palestins”).

Deductions could be made on the motive. It might be an Israeli sympathizer who was warning Iranian hackers against against attacking the Israeli government and other web sites.

Or,  it might be some third party hackers trying to spark a hacking war between the Muslims and Israelis. We cant even brush away the idea of a prankster faking up a web site and having some sour fun.

We haven’t received any fresh word of anything concerning this matter. What do you think about this? Trick or breach?

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