Windows Phone Customers Wouldn’t know if a Roll-out is Out There

January 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you would remember, Windows Phone had an issue with its soft keyboard disappearing at times, leaving users no way to type anything on the phone. Microsoft has now announced a solution to this in the form of build 8107 update, which fixes the bug.

But Microsoft would not say who will receive the update, and when. The bug can cause trouble for any handset on any carrier, which necessitates a super quick roll out of the update.

The announcement of the NoDo update came along with company publishing a useful guide to tell users how far through the approval and deployment process their particular combination of handset and carrier were, allowing them to have a good idea when each upgrade would be available.

Carriers can block the delivery of any updates for any reason (which is the biggest advantage the company gave the carriers); so this one means there is a bit relief in the form of more transparency.

Well, that’s not it. In a blog post announcing the new patch, Eric Hautala, General Manager of Customer Experience Engineering at Microsoft, said that going forward, the company would no longer provide such detailed information.

Major feature updates would still be publicized, but minor patches like security updates, stability improvements, and bug fixes, would now be secret.

There would be no posts to the Windows Phone blog to announce their availability and no updates to the published schedule to inform users of when they would actually be able to install the update.

The company had a similar policy during the launch of its operating system, which did not get a good response from anyone. Also, former Microsoft employee Charlie Kindel had earlier argued that consumer-favoring decisions, like tight regulation of carrier crapware, good software compatibility, and centralized operating system upgrades, were hindering Windows Phone’s acceptance among network operators.

Anyway, Windows Phone users would want to know if and when an update is out there. Also, it would not be tolerable if they are being denied an update just because the carrier is not willing to roll it out.

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