Apple Files Patent for Password Recovery System in a Power Adapter

January 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Imagine this: an onscreen recovery application saves your day when you lose your password, without the need of a brain racking. The Apple Blog has uncovered a patent application detailed by Apple for allowing your power adapter to become a security key for your password recovery process.

The application would prompt you to plug in your specific power adapter to confirm your identity. That adapter would store the necessary passwords and give you access to them when needed.

The patent application also makes provisions for storing your information on other devices such as printers, routers, or secondary power adapters, should you lose your original adapter. Hackers today can easily nullify your current security measures like the verification emails or the security questions.

In case you do not know, they have many sophisticated means to get hold of your security information, which you think is safe. Your private information is always under threat of phishing, hacking and simple theft.

Also, when your password would be stored on your specific power adapter, you can create more-complex passwords that are not easily deciphered or guessed by the hackers. And you can be sure that thieves are not interested in your adapters.

What do you think of a password protecting power adapter?

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