Left 4 Dead Fan Film Is Complete, Has Some Surprise Cameos

December 19, 2011, By Christian Davis

Earlier this month we saw a trailer for an upcoming Left 4 Dead fan film from Airsoft GI and Northern Five Entertainment. The films tone was sad and depressing and fit perfectly with the atmosphere set by Valve’s game. The end of the trailer said that there would be more coming soon, but we didn’t expect to see it this quickly. The full film is now available to watch and it’s great to see our favorite zombie killing characters brought to life. The film starts off the way you’d expect with the team traveling through the zombie infested streets. Then the film takes an unexpected turn and has some surprise appearances.

I won’t give any of the cameo’s away, but the film definitely took a turn that will definitely catch you off guard. For me personally, the cameo’s took away from the tone they had set with the fantastic trailer. Though you may feel that these characters are an awesome addition and they should make a mini series with all of them included.

Let us know what you think of the film below in the comments. Do you want to see more or would you like them to go back and create a film with just the original crew?


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