Android Predicted as Reaching its Peak in 2012

December 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After the smartphone boom got kicked off way back in 2007, various platforms including the iOS and Android have taken their birth. As time passed, newer versions and updates were introduced. And, in the meanwhile, we also saw some of the platforms completely disappearing from the scene.

So what is in store for Android? Has anyone thought on those lines? Android, the successfully running OS platform as of now, is likely to reach a peak point in 2012.

As you know, the open source operating system introduced back in 2008, is now ruling the US smartphone market share. So does this statement give you the jitters?

Predictions are that, after the current Ice Cream Sandwich version, Android will reach its peak and that will happen next year itself. After attaining the highest slot possible, the operating system might get into a disintegration mode, gradually.

Till now, six major and minor updates have been made on Android, after its first release. Starting from Cupcake (1.5), Android has undergone many transitions and reached Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) now. With every update, the platform has been delivering improvements in usability, interface design, and performance.

Going by this pace in bringing new updates, bug fixes and features, it is considered that Android will be reaching its maximum limit in the coming year. In addition, Android has been suffering from occasional hiccups in comparison with Windows Phone and iOS, when it comes to daily use.

With the arrival of new platforms, it is believed that Android is nearing extinction! Microsoft, abandoning their first mobile operating system Windows Mobile, has switched on to their new platform Windows Phone in 2010.

May be 2012 is so close a date for the complete vanishing of Android, but it is indeed believed that one day it will reach that situation. All platforms including iOS, Windows Phone and the like could also reach the peak point and bow out gradually.

But, it’s really hard to believe that the current successful running platform like Android will reach its peak and then bow out in the coming days. Don’t you also think so?

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