Sony PlayStation Vita: Pocket Rocket to Go! (Almost)

December 18, 2011, By George Lang

Sony released its PlayStation Vita to the Japanese market this week. There will be no HDMI Out on the PS Vita when it reaches electronic retailer shelves on February 22, 2012. “So what,” you say? It means you cannot take it to your friend’s house and plug it into her/his HDTV. Other than that, it’s an amazing, feature-packed little pocket rocket!

In addition to HD movies, music, Internet, and chat, the $249.99 price tag captures computer gaming with nothing less than quad-core ARM processor power; and, as reported in an earlier DevMAG article, a harrowing display from hardware heaven! The only real problem is its inability to interface with your HDTV.

Sony PlayStation Vita Portable Gaming Device

The device has a wonderful intuitive feel that allows you take your eyes off the screen and still navigate effectively (Kenrick). With that kind of manipulative architecture you naturally want to project the image onto a larger screen. This is no minor shortcoming, especially when you consider that other, less feature-filled devices can do it.

Sony gives you numerous ways of controlling the Vita, some completely revolutionary. For instance, the back of the device is an innovative, touch-sensitive pad allowing the user to interact with the game in ways never before possible. The dual analog sticks provide the most intuitive interface, and Sony’s SIXAXIS, gyro-based controller works just like the Sony PlayStation 3.

Pocket Rocket

Had I wanted anything more in a handheld gaming device, it would have been the HDMI out and a little more RAM. With a demanding quad-core processor and powerful graphics on-board, doubling 512MB of memory is the only factor that could have improved the performance of this fantastic little powerhouse.

The Sony PlayStation Vita will be available in the United States on February 22, 2011. This long-awaited pocket-rocket can be pre-ordered from Sony.

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