ISP Revenge

December 9, 2011, By George Lang

Are you sick of them taking too much of your money? Take some of theirs for a change!

Consider changing your Internet service provider (ISP) every couple years. As a former Comcast Cable installer, I can tell you what could happen to you during your two year agreement. One nameless customer, very near and dear to my heart, was confronted with an increase from about $150 per month for triple-play services to about $250 mid-way through the agreement, simply because the initial offer expired.

Marketing schemes from these ISPs can be ruthless and very bad for your bottom line if you do not remain actively vigilant and creative with your commitments. Better service options can be enjoyed and lots of money can be saved if you consciously prepare for certain service agreement eventualities.

To attract new customers, ISPs such as Comcast and Verizon work up very enticing package deals that bundle TV, Internet, and phone. The problem lies in the fact that you must sign an extended agreement (normally around two years in length). During that period, built-in rate increases kick in automatically until, by the end of the agreement, you’ve about had with your ISP.

Well, do something about it. A little research as you approach the end of your commitment will likely result in cutting your monthly bill for similar or even better services from the competition. There are hidden benefits as well, For instance, by changing service providers from Comcast Cable to Verizon FiOS, you will receive a fiber optic infrastructure directly into your house.

Screen-Shot of Current Verizon Offer Good Until 01/0/2012 (

Fiber optic cable installed to your house by Verizon has a potential bandwidth of approximately 100 gigabits (or 100,000 megabits) per second; many times greater than the RG6 coaxial cable delivered by Comcast. And, because it uses light instead of electricity, it is far less subject to interference. Fiber is the communication medium of the future and you get it installed as part of the installation package for no extra charge.

A word of caution; there are a few unforeseen inconveniences attached to wildly manipulating your ISP. Many of us are now using cellphone service exclusively and are choosing to eliminate our home phones altogether. The traditional “triple-play” package bundles mandatory digital voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone. You must take it, but you can usually retain your existing home phone number.

You might also have to drop your existing email addresses if you are using the free ones that came with your service; for example will now necessarily become something like I suggest using a third-party email address such as the free ones available at Gmail from Google, Yahoo! Mail, or Hotmail from Microsoft. That way, you do not have to send out email changes to all your contacts every two years.

Marketing “tricks” are a big part of your ISP’s financial strategy; but they are not the only ones who can legally wield strategic tools. The near and dear “nameless friend” mentioned above just happens to be me; and you can learn from my mistake! By the way, these concepts often apply to wireless cellular providers as well.

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