Windows 8 Storage Spaces Save You in Case of Drive Failure

December 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If there’s one thing to drive you crazy while you work, it is a computer crash. And you are not alone in suffering that bit of rebellion from your computer.

But thankfully Microsoft has come up with something cool to save your day. The Windows 8 Storage Spaces helps you recover quickly from a computer crash.

The feature apparently requires two hard drives. So if your computer has two drives, you will be able to select a two way mirroring from the fault tolerance menu.

Basically, both the drives will have your data. So if one drive fails, the other one will be ready to get your things done.

It would be even better if you have three drives, so even if both your drives fail, the third one will get your things done. And please don’t ask what happens if your third one fails!

The screenshots dug up by shows that you can decide on how much capacity the Storage Spaces can have. Plus you can assign a drive letter to their storage drives and name the spaces as well.

This is another one of the leaks and rumors that has made its round before the arrival of the feature. We are still waiting for something official from Microsoft.

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