The Art of Charging for Internet that Should be Free

November 28, 2011, By George Lang

I am so thankful for the kindness of others, particularly wealthy corporations. Take for instance; a few broadband Internet service providers (ISPs), whom shall remain publicly nameless to protect the not-so-innocent (call me).

Recently they have begun to offer me a number of wonderful options:

I can now choose my own speed for my Internet access. I used to have only one speed: the fastest possible one. Now I get to choose the slowest one for that same price, but I can have the new fastest one for a great deal more money. Isn’t it wonderful? Oh, how I love having choices!


"Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash" (R.Waters)


It was the same with networking. In the old days (late 1990s), Microsoft began packaging a thing called Internet connection sharing (ICS) with their operating systems. This little beauty allowed me to add a whole bunch more computers to my Internet service for FREE! I remember having this one dial-up ISP, whom shall remain nameless to cover their ass (call me).

They neglected to inform me that it was out of the kindness of their heart that I was receiving this new-found free access and began billing me, without asking first, for each and every new computer I added to the network. I felt so ashamed, when I realized I had been taking advantage of them all that time!

Nowadays, it is wireless service providers who have decided we have all been taking advantage of them far too long. Some of us tricky little customers have figured out how to “tether” our cellphone data services to our laptops, tablets, and other devices for FREE! Obviously, us nasty little people need to have our pee-pees whacked by these nameless (call me) corporate behemoths.

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