The Ultimate Christmas Gift

November 27, 2011, By George Lang

I had just purchased the most beautiful powder-blue Lexus for my wife for Christmas, delivery to our driveway set for early Christmas morning (included with the $46,200 price tag). It was then I received the most horrific phone call. It was her calling to tell me that what she really wanted for Christmas, above all else, was a “REALLY NICE” cellphone!

I quick called the dealer back and told him to cancel the Lexus order (it took him a while to get my drift). It was at that moment I came up with the most brilliant realization: I now had $46,200 spare to blow on my wife; and, when I Googled that amount, this popped up…

The $46,200 Gresso Royal Black Diamonds

It was a no-brainer. A few clicks and I had purchased one of the most beautiful, ornamental, and fashionably materialistic electronic devices ever made!

She’ll love it I thought. Never mind the fact that Microsoft Windows Mobile 7.5 is the current standard and Mobile 8.0 will be out next year (the Gresso phone still uses Mobile 5.0 and came out in 2005). I was focusing on the fact that each numerical key is “enchased” (Gresso Description) with a black diamond. Now that’s my wife’s forte! Disregard the trivial fact that it uses embedded Mobile Flash instead of HTML5 for audio/video Internet streaming (cancelled last week by Adobe for all future development).

I guess I could have saved a few bucks and gone with one of the cheaper models (all priced over $9000)…

But I love my wife, more than anything on Earth, and NOTHING is too expensive to make her happy!

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