Device Etiquette for the Holidays

November 23, 2011, By George Lang

From knowing when to put our devices into vibrate mode, to snapping photos and posting them to Facebook ONLY when the subject approves, we all have a lot we can learn about electronic etiquette when it comes to properly using our beloved gadgetry. Let’s not let those devices turn us into the family buffoon this holiday season.

Never in history have we had so much technology at our playful disposal; and never has it been more important to wisely practice what we do with it.

Our beloved Aunt Faye will likely be less beloved (at least from her standpoint) should we choose to capture her munching on some messy hors d’oeuvres, only to see the world get an embarrassing good chuckle over it on Facebook the following day.

When we gather at the dinner table over the Thanksgiving holiday, it might be a nice gesture to set our cellphones on vibrate and, if we absolutely must answer an important call, politely ask to be excused. Most of us understand, largely because we are stuck on the same techno-planet as the other “guy.”

Communicate with others during social gatherings instead of ruefully ignoring one another; i.e., sitting on the couch with iPod Touch earbuds dangling while we watch the latest episode of Twilight will do little to endear us to our sociable relations in the room.

Let us be thankful this holiday season for the little bit of brain matter our parents endowed us with; and let’s go ahead and put it to good use for a change!

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