Call of Duty Elite For The PC IS Coming Afterall

November 16, 2011, By Christian Davis

Yesterday we got word that Activision may be killing off the PC installment of Call of Duty Elite. It was said to be delayed indefinitely due to technical difficulties which also caused it to not launch alongside the console counterpart. Now, Activision has retracted their statement and said that Elite support would come to the computers in the future via Twitter.

“We misspoke. Our goal has always been to provide a free PC offering for ELITE. Stay tuned for an update as timing is still being determined.” At least you PC owners will be able to access Call of Duty’s social network at some point.

With the problems that they’re having with current members in Call of Duty Elite, it’s no surprise that they’re waiting until later to expand their membership base. Adding more people to it now would probably be a horrendous idea.

Activision must have really had no idea how popular this social network was going to be. Maybe it’s something we’ve all wanted but never knew how it was suppose to be integrated properly.

Who’s been waiting to access Call of Duty Elite on the PC ? Do you think it will be worth the wait or will it be too little too late?

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