Amazon Kindle Vs iPad 2 this Holiday Season

November 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The holiday season is fast approaching. Have you decided about the Christmas gift for the gadget fanatics in your family? Do you know what to expect for yourself? Well, let’s focus on tablets now.

As in the case of last year’s holiday season, it is fairly certain that the iPad 2 will rule the market, brushing aside Android from the tablet space. But there is still something like a strong competitor for Apple this time around.

You guessed it right; it is the much touted iPad killer, the Amazon Kindle Fire. The tablet has more than one advantage over the iconic Apple tablet. The $199 price tag is the first; which definitely sounds more appealing than $499.

And, if many of you prefer a smaller size for your tablet, Amazon’s inch tablet is preferable to Apple’s 9.7 inch iPad 2. Yes, this is the only tablet which is a potential competitor of the iPad 2.

Popular electronics review and shopping site Retrevo conducted a study to compare the popularity of the Kindle Fire with the iPad. Participants in the study were asked if they would consider buying the recently announced, 7 inch Android tablet made by Amazon at $199 instead of a 9.7 inch iPad 2 this holiday season.

Among those interested in buying a tablet, 44 percent responded with a Yes. Only 12 percent answered that they were only interested in an iPad, and the remaining 44 percent responded that they did not know enough about the Amazon tablet.

Amazon’s marketing strategy might be the reason why 44 percent did not know much about the Fire. Another study by Retrevo found that 35 percent of participants in the study thought the Kindle Fire was an eReader, 32 percent had no idea what it was and one percent of answers came under something else. Only 32 percent of participants in the study actually knew that the Kindle Fire was actually a tablet.

People may be loyal to Apple for the ecosystem, the apps or a plethora of other possible answers. But those who are on a budget could go for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

So, tell us which one would you get for Christmas – the iPad 2 or the Kindle Fire?


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