Apple iPhone 4S Stars in Two Ads Back-to-Back [Videos]

October 31, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple iPhone 4S is quite the TV star. The device has appeared in a new TV ad which the company posted on Sunday.

The new one is similar to the first one, where the company highlights the Siri feature.
The advertisement displays the Siri’s natural-language intelligence.

The rolling time shows a boy staring out a window and asking, “do you think it’s going to snow today?” and gets the weather forecast in reply. The ad basically shows how much of general questions the Siri can anticipate and answer to.

If you ask “what’s my day look like?” your personal assistant will let you know the number of calendar appointments that have been lined up for the day.

The appearance of a second ad is kind of a quick one for the Cupertino-based company, who is known to hand them out on a stretchable timeframe.

This maybe because of the compressed schedule, and the fact that the company had to release their iPhone 4S three months before the year folded.

The weather in the ad is cold, which also hints that the company wanted an ad for the holiday season.

Apple has also released two more ads, both of which appear at the same time; that of the iCloud and Camera.

Interesting to note is that both the ads focus on non-Siri features for the first time.

Watch them all here:

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