Apple iPhone 4S Coming with Location Services Bug that Drains Battery

October 31, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Apple appears to be going through tough times at the moment. First of all, the latest iPhone was not well appreciated by many Apple fans, although it came with good upgrades and impressive features. The device has also been confirmed to have speed issues.

And we don’t have to say much about the iPhone’s decreasing popularity and all the legal battles. Now, it appears like there is yet another problem that the company has to take care of.

As you might know, the iPhone 4S has been reported to be coming with poor battery life. The latest info suggests that the problem might be due to a bug in iOS 5.


If you are an iPhone 4S user, you might also have experienced battery drain within hours of full charge.

According to the data from user tests, the poor battery performance is because of a bug in iOS 5, specifically the “Setting Time Zone” which can be found within the Location Services settings.

In case you are wondering, when you turn on the Setting Time Zone option the time on your iPhone 4S will be automatically changed when it is taken from one time zone to another.

But because of the bug, the phone is pinging the location server even when you remain within the same time zone. This results in a battery drain. If you are currently facing poor battery life with your iPhone 4S, we encourage you to switch off Setting Time Zone.

It’s worth giving a try because it is very easy to do and also the functionality of the handset won’t be affected too much.

Apple might already know about the issue and could be working on some kind of iOS 5 update to solve it. They surely might not want to end up with public outbursts such as the ones they faced when their iPhone 4 was having antenna issues.

We will keep you updated on the matter. In the meantime, you can comment about it below. Are you facing battery issues with your iPhone 4S? If yes, have you tried tweaking the location settings?

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